Backend Software Developer (Full Time)

Location:  Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Komodo is a startup that uses cutting edge technology to better price municipal bonds. Our mission is to enable our users to understand a bond’s value within 30 seconds.
We are looking for an ambitious developer to join our team for a summer internship. This is a unique opportunity to work at an early stage startup and gain experience building software to solve major industry challenges.
The goal of this internship is for you to develop a prototype of data pipeline from raw data to data storage to client. The deliverable is processed, organized data (e.g. csv). This may include the following:
  • Automate data collection processes (e.g. from government data sources).
  • Build out backend data infrastructure on AWS. We are moving to AWS so this project will be starting from scratch.
  • Build API for internal company use
  • Experience setting up backend infrastructure for data management
  • Experience setting up (relational) databases, servers, etc. for cloud infrastructures such as AWS
  • Ability to take ownership of problems and find solutions
  • Strong communication ability
  • We plan primarily on using Python for backend scripts
Preferred Experience:
As mentioned, Komodo uses cutting edge technology especially for analytics. You may be the perfect applicant if you have experience in the following as well:
  • Machine learning and forecasting based on historical trends
  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
If you have any questions, please contact:


Komodo streamlines the municipal credit evaluation process. Komodo combines financial, demographic, and economic data to give municipal bond professionals a consolidated view of a municipality’s credit health and outlook. Komodo instantly provides all the information needed to evaluate a bond.

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