ESG analytics for your entire muni portfolio.

Every day, more clients and investors demand that their portfolios take into account emerging environmental, social, and governance risks.  Acquire, engage, and retain clients with fully-customizable ESG models that are automatically tracked, reviewed, and updated for your entire muni portfolio. 

Komodo helps asset managers and RIAs create custom, quantifiable ESG scoring models and reports to engage with clients on the issues they care about most.

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Portfolio Overview

See how your portfolio stacks up against your chosen or custom ESG benchmarks

ESG Distribution

Compare the ESG strengths and weaknesses of your portfolio against others

Portfolio Trends and Scores

Monitor your custom, weighted ESG portfolio score and changes over time

Bond-level Detail

Capture ESG risk and impact at the bond level with the most up-to-date, automated data

Custom ESG Scoring

ESG risk profiles are customizable and scalable, so changes can be applied instantly across your entire portfolio

ESG Trend Analysis

Quickly assess the ESG risk of a bond versus other national, regional, or state issuers

instant assessment of

ESG risk & impact for all municipal bonds

Value Based investing

Create proprietary, scalable scoring models that help define your investing strategy and make intelligent ESG decisions

Compliance reports

Create customizable, advanced, client-facing ESG reports using real-time data and your own proprietary scoring models.

maximize efficiency

Designed for institutional investors, we help you cut down on time wasted manually compiling and processing information.

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